Scott Walker's record on deficits: A Total Failure

Walker promised fiscal responsibility but his track record as Milwaukee County Executive is riddled with financial mismanagement and busted budgets. Unlike the state, which under Governor Doyle’s leadership has ended every year with a balanced budget, Scott Walker racked up budget deficits in 2003 and 2004.

Milwaukee County has also faced huge mid-year budget deficits every year Walker’s been in office due to his mismanagement. Those deficits have resulted in draconian cuts and big fee increases to vital services like public transportation. The county's public institutions have also faced neglect and closures -- including the park system and the county’s once-vibrant community pool system.

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Scott Walker: Budget Deficits

Walker in his own words

Walker's proposed cuts to state workforce won't save any money

Walker’s plan to cut 4,000 state positions won’t actually save a dime, because those position are already vacant.

Oshkosh Northwestern, 7/9/2010

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