Scott Walker's record on mismanagement: A Total Failure

During Walker’s eight-year tenure, county residents have the seen the takeover of the county welfare office and call center, the House of Corrections, the nationally-recognized health care program, GAMP -- for the low-income and homeless -- and an economic development office was turned over to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by Governor Doyle. Walker has proposed eliminating county government completely, urged the state to take over the county court system, offered up privatizing the successful and income-generating Milwaukee County airport, and contracted with courthouse security and prison transport companies who knowingly employed perpetrators of sexual assault.

That’s on top of gross negligence at the Mental Health Complex throughout his eight years that has led to deaths by starvation and patients becoming victims of sexual assault. Walker has steadfastly refused to fire his administrator in charge of the complex.

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Walker Failure Files Quick Fact

County Courthouse gaurd from Walker-hired private sercurity firm found to be sexual predator

In May 2010, Wackenhut was found to have a sexual predator managing courthouse security guards, including Children’s Court security. This guard was approved by Wackenhut to supervise other guards, even though they knew of his misdemeanor offenses – drinking while armed, disorderly conduct and sexual overtures to male subordinates in his department.

WISN, 5/18/2010

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