Scott Walker's record on Taxes: A Total Failure

Contrary to his claims of fiscal restraint, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has proposed increasing county spending 35% since 2002. This is not the first time Walker has supported substantial spending increases. As a member of the state legislature, Walker voted to increase state budget spending 84 percent -- over $22 billion in increases over five budgets. The $200 billion in total state budget spending Walker voted for led to a then-record $3 billion state budget deficit.

Walker’s proposed budget spending as county executive far exceeded Governor Doyle’s proposed spending over the same period – 35% to 21%. Walker also created a mountain of deferred costs that future generations will have to pay for, like the $200 million needed for the county parks system and untold millions to prop up the nearly bankrupt public transit system.

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While in the state legislature, Walker voted to increase spending by 84%

Scott Walker voted for five straight state budgets, which increased state budget spending from $26.6 billion to nearly $49 billion, an increase of $22 billion — or 84 percent.

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