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Walker Vetoed Public Works County Building Inspection Engineer Position in 2008 - 7/27/2010

Madison – Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, as part of his 2008 budget, vetoed an engineering position for the Milwaukee County Department of Public Works to handle county building oversight and inventory, claiming the move would result in a “tax levy savings of $150,000.” In light of the tragedy at the county’s O’Donnell Park garage, which took the life of a teenager and badly injured two others, Walker is now hastily pledging ten times that amount -- $1.5 million in 2011 – to do work which could have been done at fraction of that cost.

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Once Again, Walker Violating Campaign Finance Laws; This Time Over $120,000 in Improperly Reported Contributions - 7/21/2010

Madison – Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's gubernatorial campaign failed to report the required employer information of donors giving him over $120,000 – the second time in a year he has filed a report with this level of inaccuracy. Under chapter 11.60(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes, each violation can result in a $500 civil forfeiture, which could top well over $165,000 in Walker's case.

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Walker’s Lack of Constitutional Knowledge Rivals His Budget Incompetence - 7/20/2010

Madison -- Milwaukee County Executive County Scott Walker, who has said he will reduce the state's expected $2.5 billion budget deficit by offering $3 billion in tax cuts, loopholes and shifts that will primarily benefit the rich and big business, apparently knows even less about the state's constitutional amendment process. Walker said today as governor, he would "sign an amendment that will protect funds" like patients' compensation fund despite the governor having no legal role in the state's constitutional amendment process.

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Budget Deficit Grows, Walker Still Refuses to Say How He’ll Pay for Tax Cuts, Shifts - 7/12/2010

Madison -- Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker still refuses to say how he will finance a budget-busting $3-billion tax cut and shift scheme that would slash funds from education, health care, and police and fire protection -- even after the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau says the state deficit is an even-larger $2.5 billion for the next biennium.

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County’s Massive Overtime, Costly Privatization Gives Walker Zero Management Credibility - 7/6/2010

Madison – Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has promised to reveal his plans in the coming days to reduce the state government payroll, but if his Milwaukee County record is any indication of his plans, taxpayers will be socked with higher costs and compromised safety.

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Walker Unpaid Tab Grows to More Than $5 Billion - 7/1/2010

Madison – Milwaukee County Executive County Scott Walker has added more than $1 billion to the price tag of his tax cuts, tax loopholes and tax shifts, which combined with the state’s $2-billion-plus deficit, would require more than $5 billion in drastic cuts to education, health care and police and fire protection – threatening the quality of life for communities in every corner of Wisconsin.

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